About the Podcast


We’ve all got ’em, and sometimes we might even have too many. Created in an attempt to keep herself and her husband accountable, Sienna Mooney is proud to introduce: Ambitions! A podcast for goal-getters.


Sienna Mooney — Creator & Editor

Sienna Mooney

Sienna Mooney is a photographer, graphic designer, writer, and film fanatic living in Surrey, England. Sienna is one of two co-hosts of Make New Friends, a weekly podcast about friendship.

In her spare time she enjoys tempering dark chocolate, feeding cucumbers to her pet snail, building elaborate homes in The Sims 4, and rewatching episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. She is married and has two cats.


Follow Sienna on Twitter: @siennamooney

Alex Papworth — Co-host

Alex Papworth

Alex Papworth is a huge nerd for Stardew Valley and has a secret passion for Anime. Alex is also the producer for Make New Friends, and he is also an aspiring skateboarder. If you couldn’t tell, his wife is writing this bio for him.

In addition to all of the aforementioned goofy traits, Alex is also the slighty-more tech savvy member of the household. He is married and has two cats.


Follow Alex on Twitter: @papsicle