Ep. 5. Frustrating Ballet Classes

February 12, 2018

After a week away from podcasting, Sienna and Alex are back to discuss the good, the bad, and the frustrating. From substitute ballet teachers to twenty-four hours of socializing, the pair still manage to reflect on the positives (mainly Altered Carbon on Netflix).

Ep. 4. Wallowing, Accountability, and Managing Expectations

January 29, 2018

Our heroes return this week with a frank discussion on mental health, specifically concerning wallowing in bad moods and the snowball effect it can have on everything else. Sienna talks about holding herself accountable for failure, and touches on the importance of managing her own expectations when it comes to completing personal goals. Alex, on the other hand, shares a bit about his success at work and catches us up on his coding project. Follow Ambitions! Podcast on Twitter: http://twitter.com/AmbitionsPodRead More

Ep. 3. Uh-oh! Social Exhaustion Alert!

January 22, 2018

Sienna experiences the consequences of too many social interactions over the course of one week, meanwhile Alex finally climbs over a hurdle in his Ruby on Rails project! Despite the differences in both of their weeks, the duo joins together to share the events that made their weeks memorable.

Ep. 2. Finding the Time & Interior Design

January 15, 2018

This week our heroes encounter a few new hurdles and triumphs on their quest toward reaching their goals. Sienna experiences a bit of exhaustion from going to the gym and ballet back-to-back, while Alex realizes what he needs to do in order to get better at coding.

Ep. 1. The Productivity is High With This One

January 8, 2018

Our heroes check in after their first week as newly indoctrinated goal-getters, but is productivity the name of the game? Perhaps there is a bit of work still yet to be done, or maybe Sienna and Alex are better at improving themselves than they thought. Stay tuned to hear all about their successes and failures as they recount the challenges they have dealt with during the first week of the new year! Follow Ambitions! Podcast on Twitter: http://twitter.com/AmbitionsPod Sienna: http://twitter.com/siennamooneyRead More

Ep. 0. Revisiting Resolutions (Pilot)

December 31, 2017

Recorded on the precipice of a brand new year, Sienna Mooney and Alex Papworth take a walk down memory lane and recount resolutions of years’ past in the pilot episode of their new podcast: Ambitions!