Ep. 8. Believe in Yourself!

March 26, 2018

After a few ultra-productive weeks, Sienna and Alex return with some exciting life and goal updates! Alex shares how he is progressing with his creative projects, while Sienna reflects on some of the “a-ha!” moments she had in therapy and how she is using them to propel her forward.

Ep. 7. Interacting on Social Media??

March 12, 2018

Beginning with a brief discussion of the term “millennial”, Sienna and Alex play little game of catch up! Sienna has fallen back in love with ballet (finally), while Alex shares some of his progress on his latest website project.

Ep. 0. Revisiting Resolutions (Pilot)

December 31, 2017

Recorded on the precipice of a brand new year, Sienna Mooney and Alex Papworth take a walk down memory lane and recount resolutions of years’ past in the pilot episode of their new podcast: Ambitions!